Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Ocho , Posted by Robert Paisola

Eight more proposed Utah laws besides a ban on free Wi-Fi service to protect The Children from porn and other bad content

From the SL Weekly by Mr. Bill Frost

8. Block the letters “F,” “U,” “C” and “K” from cell-phone texting, as well as the winking symbol “; )”.

7. Additionally, drunk texting will carry stiffer penalties than DUI.

6. Mandatory heat shields to be installed on the bottoms of all laptops sold to minors.

5. Shut down blogs containing subversive propaganda and salacious material—in other words, all the good ones.

4. Place a two-week delay on instant messaging so all exchanges can first be reviewed by the state’s new IM Czar.

3. Institute a five-day waiting period for BlackBerry purchases.

2. And a zero-tolerance policy against “hands-free” Bluetooth abuse.

1. Form a task force to investigate the burgeoning underground Pager Porn network.

Moderators Note:

We openly salute the position that Bill Frost has made in this writing. We truly believe that offenders, especially youth and adult sex offenders CAN be rehabilitated. We believe that were it not for forums such as this, that lawmakers WOULD create twenty five year retroactive registration requirements apply to any offense that remotely represents sexual offender conduct. Thanks Bill Frost, for leveling the playing field and KNOWING that CHANGE IS POSSIBLE !

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